Cornerstone Physical Therapy, LLC offers our patients a complete physical therapy and rehabilitation healthcare solution. We provide expert and compassionate care with the focus on assisting each patient reach and maintain their rehabilitation goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cornerstone Physical Therapy is to provide all patients with exceptional physical therapy and rehabilitation services in a caring and educational environment in order to facilitate the achievement of our patient’s goals. We strive to provide outstanding healthcare and cost effective results for those we serve though evidence-based practices; team-oriented approach system; and positive outcomes.

Values Statement

Cornerstone Physical Therapy fills the gap for patients who demand the highest level of care and the most personalized attention available.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy continuously strives to assist the patient in returning to their functional activities of daily living, to which they are accustomed.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy has an extensive commitment to continuing education in order to provide our patients with the most current, evidenced-based treatment techniques.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy strives to be a pillar of our community, and actively supports healthcare education and awareness.

Vision Statement
Cornerstone Physical Therapy will be a leader in the provision of autonomous physical therapy/rehabilitation services. We strive to demonstrate leadership and develop alliances within the Greater Kansas City consumer and medical communities through innovative practice, education and research, quality of care, professionalism, socio-economic adaptability and financial responsibility. These criteria will be pursued indefinitely by our dedicated staff.