Thanks to Cornerstone Physical Therapy, I’m doing better than I have in over 5-6 years.  Recently, I coached 5 games, mowed the lawn and did some spring cleaning WITHOUT any pain in my knee!  I never thought I’d be where I am today.  My last visit to Mayo was great, and the MD actually gave me a hug and told me he didn’t think there was anything he’d be able to do…it looked that bad.

With Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Mayo Clinic working together, I feel like I have my life back!  Not sure I can tell you thank you enough!!

Tim L.

I am a 60+ year old female, and thanks to Nicole Windsor and Cornerstone Physical Therapy, I can now walk without a walker or a cane. Following my recent total knee replacement, Nicole taught me exercises that I can do at home and how to use her equipment to strengthen my leg. Her advice has been invaluable in the proper way to exercise and avoid possible damage to my knee while I recover.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy’s location is conveniently located at 119th and Blackbob, and was easy for me to get to.  It is also beautifully decorated and has two exterior walls of glass for an open feeling. Also, the equipment is new and easy to use. I highly recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy.

Donna H.

For the last several years, I have had chronic back pain that comes and goes without warning.  Years of abuse from athletics, waiting tables, and poor posture have only compounded the problem.  I began going to a chiropractor (most often needing to be carried into the office), but their methods frightened me, and the pain would always eventually return.  And during my most recent spasm, I knew I needed a miracle.  I could hardly care for my new infant daughter.  Thankfully, a friend recommended physical therapy, and I discovered Cornerstone Physical Therapy.  From my very first session, I felt improvement.  The spinal mobilization eased my pain, the warm TENS therapy loosened my tightness, and the exercises tailored to my condition slowly encouraged me back to full mobility.  The environment was always light, welcoming, and positive.  And I am most grateful to the staff for allowing my infant daughter to come to every therapy session with me, and even entertaining her!  I am now pain free, thanks to the Lord’s healing and to Cornerstone Physical Therapy–I am forever grateful!

Melony S.

I first contacted Cornerstone Physical Therapy after having surgery for a torn Achilles Tendon.  I spoke with Nicole Windsor directly and felt very comfortable from the beginning that I found the right Physical Therapist for me.  My world, prior to the rupture, involved running and training for the Boston Marathon.

At the beginning of my rehab program, I appreciated the compassion, knowledge and positive reassurance that if I continued to follow the protocol, I should be up and running by the time I was released by my surgeon.  Initially, I experienced anxiety and impatience, and certainly appreciated the understanding and commitment to keep me on the right path.  Our goal was for me to run by Thanksgiving day, and in fact I successfully ran 1 mile on that day with my wife, and progressed to complete a 5k run by New Years Eve.

As with any setback in life, there are lessons to be learned from those experiences.  I thought marathons were challenging, but having this drastic change in my active lifestyle was quite the unexpected occurrence.  I will always be thankful and greatly appreciative for Nicole’s role as my Physical Therapist.  She helped me overcome the physical rehab aspect, but I was even more appreciative of the encouragement and optimism she conveyed throughout the process that I would be up and running again in no time…which did come true.

Rob B.

I have had one torn shoulder rotator cuff and subsequent surgery approximately two years ago. It was quite an ordeal and hard to forget the rehab commitment, time and pain!

A few months ago, I tore the rotator cuff in my other shoulder and since the tear was not as bad as the first one, my surgeon offered the option of receiving a cortisone shot AND follow-up rehabilitation in order to regain better flexibility and strength.

I chose Nicole Windsor for the rehab and a brief summary of my experiences is that it has been nothing less that GREAT. She worked with me and led me through a series of exercises and directed me to be consistent with my at-home work-outs. My results have allowed me to cancel surgery and focus on continuing to follow her productive instructions. I was impressed with her ability to use her knowledge and experience to develop an individualized program for my eventual recovery. Additionally, her rehab facility had all of the tools necessary to facilitate my progress and her “bed-side” manner was both cheerful and optimistic. I would certainly recommend Dr. Windsor to anyone who desires the kind of care she gave me.

Steve H.